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The West Clarkstown Jewish Center began in 1931 when neighborhood people began meeting  for Shabbot services in the basement of Nathan Weinstein’s home on MaryAnn Drive near West Clarkstown Road.  The congregation was then known as Chevra Agudas Achim.


By 1953 the number of congregants had grown much larger and services were held in the casino of the Sunrise Bungalow Colony on West Clarkstown Road which was owned by the Weinstein Family.


In 1972 Sidney Weinstein, son of Nathan, along with his mother Esther graciously donated the building along with surrounding land to the organization which is then incorporated as the West Clarkstown Jewish Center.  The congregation greatly increases in size and in 1979 the board of directors voted to build an addition to the building.


Over the past 40 years the synagogue has undergone demographic changes and a devastating fire in 2009.  While our numbers have decreased over the years, our spirit has continued to grow and we look forward to serving the Rockland Jewish community for many years to come.

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